Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do you need other people to succeed financially?

Do you need other people to succeed financially? The short answer is yes and that's because you only work eight hours a day and this is not enough for you to earn a lot. Truth is, no one has ever gained financial success only through themselves. People in all walks of life have to realize that there is a constant need to multiply their time through others, either to get things done in a shorter span of time or for wealth accumulation. How can this be?

If you study the lives of businessmen who gained financial success, you will know that at the onset they themselves have worked and have sold their products to make their respective businesses grow. Later, they employed a growing number of people who continue to sell these products and became helping hands in the business for them. Since the combined work time of employees form part of the time of these businessmen, they became even more financially successful.
If a prominent businessman has 10,000 employees and earns only 10 pesos for each man hour, a sample of his earning even if he doesn't work will be as follows: 10,000 x Php10 x 8 hours = Php800,000/day (Php24M/mo.).

At this point, ask yourself how much are you earning for each hour of working. How much is it for a day? For a month? Also list and deduct from this all your expenses and other obligation at home.

What if someone got sick or an unexpected thing happens that will require a lot of money from your earnings?

As an ordinary employee, a blue-collared worker, or a daily wage earner, how can you grow your time so you can earn more and make your dreams in life come true? It's simple... plan to have a business that utilizes the capabilities of other people to earn. In other words, similar to the owners of large groceries inside malls, you need to still earn even though other people are now the ones selling the products and it is also possible that you no longer know those who are buying. This is called the Law of Leverage. But do I really need to sell? Yes, because all businessmen went through selling and still sell through others; they only differ in strategy and business model.

A lot of people say that they want to have their own business but they also say they don't have the investment money. We all know that all kinds of business, big or small need this. Plan when you can save enough to get the business started. Those who don't plan or take action can never get their business started. Others are smarter by making use of available credit line, selling some stuff they have or asking for assistance from a relative or friend, knowing that there's a clear return of investment and profitability as they build their business and network of people who will help them succeed, with a lot less financial risk.

In this short article, it is my hope that you have learned something worthwhile. Dream and strive to reach this dream in the shortest possible time so you can experience the comforts of life longer. Remember, "the most miserable person is a person who has no dream at all".

As I have always say, “It takes a TEAM to build a DREAM”.

Special thanks to Infinity Team!