Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Network Marketing or MLM?

1. Small Startup Cost
Many traditional businesses take a heavy investment in equipment and office orretail space. A network marketing business takes a very minimal investment to getstarted. You should be able to recoup your investment within 30 days.
2. No Risk
Since you have no large investment, your financial risk is almost non-existent.You really have nothing to lose except some of your time and yet you haveeverything to gain. Where else can you start a business for under $200 and havethe potential for financial freedom?
3. Working From Home
No traveling to the “Cement Jungle”, no wasted time in traffic tie-ups. This isespecially good for women who want to be at home with their families yet be ableto earn some extra income. It is also good for the person who is tired of punchingthe clock and being paid what a job is worth instead of what they are worth.
4. Flexible Hours
In corporate America you are married to the clock. Your employer decides thehours you work and the time you get off. Most businesses do not have muchflexibility. Even owning your own business isn’t always the answer. Somebusinesses can become very demanding. You may think you own your ownbusiness when in reality the business may own you.Your networking business is usually started on a part-time basis. You are alwaysin control of the time you put in. You decide the hours you want to work. Bygiving up a little leisure time, putting aside the TV, bowling leagues or a night atthe movies, you can receive great dividends down the road.
5. No Special Licenses or Training Required
To become an attorney requires several years of schooling and then barexaminations to pass. Doctors require even more schooling and training. You startwith a heavy debt burden before you see your first paying customer.Even many of the trade occupations require apprenticeships before you can belicensed and have your salary or hourly wages increased.In networking there are no exams to take. No special licenses to acquire. Nounions to join.
6. Duplication of Efforts
In a professional business such as a doctor, dentist or attorney, it is the proprietorof the business that is really earning the money. The staff is there only to assistand they add to the overhead. For instance, if the doctor is on vacation, there areno income producing activities, yet the overhead stays the same. The money thatis earned is mainly because of his efforts. When he is not working, the moneymachine stops.Very few people ever become wealthy without duplicating their efforts throughothers.Network Marketing has been called “The small mans franchise”. You are actuallysetting up distribution centers throughout the country and throughout the world,yet you don’t have the fees and the overhead associated with franchising. You arepaid every time product is moved through these distribution centers. The moredistribution centers you have, the higher your income.J. Paul Getty said, ”I would rather be paid 5% on the efforts of a hundred peoplethan 100% on my own efforts”.
7. No Large Inventories to Drain Your Capital
Many companies have a large amount of their assets tied up in inventory to supplytheir customers, which can also lead to additional taxes at the end of the year. Inmost product-oriented companies, bank loans are required just to get startedbecause of the necessary inventory.In networking no large inventory is required since the company ships the productdirectly to the distributors in your downline. The distributors in your downlinesimply call a toll-free number, place an order and you receive the credit for thesale without even being involved in the process.
8. Discrimination Free
No matter what your race, color, religion, age or gender you can succeed innetworking. It is the most colorblind of all businesses. Your background andeducation doesn’t matter. Your success or failure depends solely on your ownability and not on someone else’s prejudices.The annuals of networking history are loaded with the success stories ofminorities who had never been given an honest chance in the normal businessworld and who are now debt free and financially strong.
9. Tax Benefits
A salaried employee has no tax related deductions, except the interest on their home mortgage.Can you imagine going to resorts for conferences and being able to deduct it as abusiness expense? Once you are a self employed person, many tax advantagesopen up for you; travel to and from your appointments and meetings, a homeoffice, etc.
10. No Regulatory Problems
The networking company you represent will take care of all regulatoryrequirements set up by the governments, local, national and international. Theywill have the necessary skills, knowledge and personnel to take care of this area.And the cost to you? Nothing! It is all a part of their support to help you succeedin your business.You will be able to run a national and international business from the comfort ofyour home with nothing more than a phone, fax machine and a computer.
11. No Employees
With more and more regulations being imposed on businesses by governmentsworldwide, it has become an administrative nightmare. A serious business needsto hire specialists to keep up with the regulations.Since each distributor is an independent agent, you have no employer, employeerelationships. No payroll taxes to fill out, no government agencies or forms toworry about. Your job is to recruit and train. The networking company yourepresent takes care of the rest.
12. Positive Environment
In the corporate world, most of the time people are looking over their shoulderwondering who is gunning for their job, wondering if they will get that raise orpromotion they are counting on. And usually you have no choice who you workwith. This can lead to a great amount of frustration and insecurity.In networking you have just the opposite. You are in business for yourself but notby yourself. You have a whole upline group that is pulling for your success,people who will go out of their way to help you succeed. You chose the peopleyou want to work with. You are surrounded by people with a like mind and itcreates a positive, exciting environment.
13. No Account Receivables or Collection Problems
Account receivables have destroyed many businesses. Collection problems can becostly and bad for customer relations.Since networking is done on a cash and carry system, you have no negative cashflow. As mentioned earlier, your organization, both distributors and customerscan call a toll-free number and place their orders. You never even have to handlethe money.The only money you have to worry about is how to spend your check.
14. Inexpensive Training
Doctors and attorneys can go to school for years and spend a staggering amountof money while being trained and schooled, then start their business with analready heavy debt burden. In Networking you may have the cost of a few books,some tapes or an inexpensive training session. You begin to make money evenwhile you are being trained, unlike many professional occupations.You actually earn while you learn.
15. Training Flexibility
No daily or weekly intensive and expensive classes to attend. No professorswatching over your shoulder or exams to pass. Much of the learning that will takeplace will be easy and convenient; listening to a tape while driving in your car,watching a video at your convenience, arranging 3 way calls with your mentor orattending a training session on a week night or weekend.
16. Quick Income
Unlike the professional occupations where you make no money until after yearsof schooling, in networking you can begin to make money immediately, evenwhile you are being trained.A good networking company today will pay you on a weekly basis. No morewaiting for your check which only comes once a month.
17. Unlimited Income Potential
Most people trade their time for money. You want more money, you work morehours or get paid more per hour. There are only so many hours a week a personcan work. Though professionals are paid more per hour than salaried workers are,they still reach their limited because they are limited by what only they personallycan do. Eventually a person being paid through their own efforts will reach thetop of their earning potential.How would you like to be paid what you are worth instead of what a job is worth?That is what happens in networking. No longer are you limited by the confines ofyour job description. There is no artificial ceiling put on your earnings.A good marketing plan will have a seamless worldwide compensation plan. Thepossibility for unlimited expansion means the chance for unlimited growth ofincome. As you sign up new marketing representatives into your organization andthey in turn do the same, your organization will grow at an accelerated rate and asmore products are moved through your organization, your income increasesproportionately.In networking you can have income without personally creating that income.
18. Continuos Demand
A good business offers a product that people want, need and can afford. A productwith an emotional appeal will also be recession proof. People buy on emotion notlogic and will want your product no matter what the economy is doing. Truebusiness success lies in repeat sales and offering a product that fills a universalneed.
19. Not Effected by Local Economy
You want a business that is separated from the local economy. If you rely only onlocal sales, any time a natural or man made disaster occurs or economic hardtimes come, your business will be effected.As stated earlier, in networking, you are able to cross city, state and even countryboundaries to build your organization. You are not limited by any economicclimate in any given place. Things could be slow in one area yet booming inanother.Geographical diversification can add a measure of stability to your business.
20. Willable
A networking business can be transferred at death in a will and unlike almost allconventional businesses, this type of business can be transferred estate tax-free.You are transferring cash flow not highly taxed capital assets.You will be able to continue to financially bless the members of your family witha residual income that you have built that goes on even past your death. What conventional job offers that!!!
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